FX - spillover when changing groups?

I was playing a really ambient sounding piece today with sustained String and Organ pads looped and also lashings of GTLs Chathedral reverb on top of that.

I noticed that when I changed from Group1 to Group2 the change was rather abrupt - it slightly spoiled the vibe.

My first thought was:
"Oh yeah when the string pad stops at the end of the loop that will be a bit abrupt.. of course it will sound a bit cut off"... and then "I must ask Jack if he's though about the idea of a allowing the option for a longer x fade at the end of groups"...
this would be useful when you want a tune to fade out at the end instead of stopping abruptly as well.)

My second thought was:
"Hmm I wonder if the reverb sustains at the group changeovers.. maybe I can add even more cathedral reverb to the pad loops to smooth out the changes". ... .. So i just tried it and the reverb and delay stops immediately when you change groups.

So @Jack .. sorry to pester you again.....
1) what do you think about allowing an "attack / release" setting for a loop so that it wouldn't stop or start immediately.
2) any chance the FX, (reverb and delay) can carry on after the loop swaps to the other group??


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