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setting effects PER-GROUP

edited May 2017 in Feature Wish-lists
Don't know if this is an oldie - but its cool we can set effects either at global level - or for individual loops - but I notice that ( unless I'm missing something ) one cannot set effects specifically for just one group.

I might want to add - say reverb to all loops in group 1 but not in group 2.

this stuff is particularly of use if one is creating stuff on the fly .


  • So would you like to be able to add effects to groups? Much like adding an insert effect over a mixbus in a DAW? This is possible, something for the future.
  • < Much like adding an insert effect over a mixbus in a DAW? >

  • Yes this is certainly possible, as you probably know though, it's the GUI part that will take the time to implement. It's on the cards for a future update anyhow.
  • Yes by no means is this high priority for me. Specially if it needs lots of GUI work.
    Theres other GUI work much more needed sooner : )
  • edited November 2017
    Thanx a lot for <a href=><font color=#2c3e50>these useful tips</font></a>
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