am i missing something incredibly obvious? is there a quick way to solo a track?


  • Probably with incoming midi bindings...
  • Afraid not yet, @jazubon, i will add it to my todo list.
  • no worries...thanks for the reply as always.
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    Yes, thanx for that reply!
  • Another button for the top @Jack ?
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    This is the new idea for soloing loops.

  • I don’t get it... sorry
  • hmm, maybe it's not very clear then. I've just added an extra button for soloing. Usually when a loop is tapped you get two options, mute and overdub, now you get mute, solo and overdub.
  • IMHO when something affects an entire group the buttons should be placed over/under the group leaving the sides for dedicated buttons for each single slot.

    ITOH Swipe and touch knobs/faders are a bit inconsistent in iOS and just useful for XY controls but most of the time crying for a “enter data” box near them.
  • Yes it’s certainly the more logical place to put loop specific buttons and I’ve toyed with this idea in the past. The problem is the buttons would be too small. I’ve always tried to make things big and accessible in GTL so they can be easily hit in a live setting.
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    Then why not put a framework around each part (even the global could be a framed framework taking all squares) and put the focus: touch in first, touch twice in the control to activate it.
    This way if the focus is in the main section you can’t activate anything outside it by mistake. Then you can make small buttons to fit all but when you focus on section it zooms in and the swipe to outside (main to up, loops to sides, dock icons to down) to restore non focus and general view...
    What do you think?
  • This sounds like a neat idea @dubbylabby, unfortunately it’s probably quite a big redesign. As you can imagine all these little things take ages to implement so at the moment I’m trying to keep UI changes to a minimum. Maybe GTL 2.0 ;)
  • Of course mate :wink:
    Use them as foundation for that v.2 !
  • hey, those soloing functions are really going to add a dramatic impact to my performances...and is that a mute button under the master group? excellent.
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