Happy New Year all you GTLoopers!
Is it me, or is it a bit troublesome connecting an iRig BlueBoard to GTL? It can be done, but I usually have to sit with my finger on the connect button for quite a long time and it's a bit hit and miss.I have been flirting briefly with other ios loopers....and I have to say that making the connection is almost instantaneous with them. mmm.


  • Ah shoot, sorry about that. I will look into it!
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    @jazubon, are you having trouble connecting in the BlueBoard app after pressing “Tap here to connect your bluebord” or is it in the GTL MIDI settings you are having trouble?
  • I'm not using the Blueboard app. So, it's in GTL midi settings where the issue lies.
  • I see, just managed to recreate it myself. In ‘Bluetooth Settings’, tapping the device’s name does nothing. You have to hold press it.

    I’ll fix it in the next update. Thanks for pointing this out.
  • Thanks for that advice, Jack!
  • @nicholashall, no problem. This is fixed in the forthcoming update.
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    This is great!
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