Things to test in the new beta

Firstly, thanks for all your time testers, I couldn’t do this without you!

Drag and drop.
Have a play with this, I’d be interested to see how it can be incorporated into your workflows.
You can now copy by just dragging loops. You can also pick up multiple loops and move/copy them to a new group. The order you pick them up in will be the order they are placed back down, so you can quickly reorder loops this way. Oh and you can also drag between sessions :).

I’ve expanded the MIDI bindings, you’ll find you can now control most things in GTL. You can also add multiple functions to the same binding. I’ve left this very open so you can have almost any combination of functions triggered by the same MIDI command. As a result you can run into trouble pairing odd things together. E.g record, mute, reset, set tempo 300bpm all at once (Probably don’t try this). If you do come accross anything strange then please let me know.
You’ll also find the ‘Step’ transition feature, this basically allows you to trigger a different function each time you send a MIDI command. E.g first tap starts playing, second tap starts recording to loop 1, third tap switches groups. The ‘Step’ feature is very new so do let me know if it’s working properly.

Many thanks,


  • How in fact do you do the drag copy?
  • edited February 1
    Hold down on any loop, drag to the new destination. If you want to copy then select “copy” on the bottom left of the screen before you drop it. You need to be on IOS 11 for this feature.

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