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Official Feature Wish-List

edited August 9 in Feature Wish-lists

What would you like to see in a future release of Group the Loop?

Current version: GTL 1.4 August 2018


  • First of all, congrats for the amazing work you have done Jack.

    As usual I will share my needs alongside my opinion since when someone ask for a feature that person should argument a bit to share the background. Said that...

    Since backing tracks workflow is now near to perfect (I probably miss something but I can think what else someone should need from than perspective aside midi clips?) I think it could be time to focus towards post production audio editor (improving the basic one GTL has) and maybe iPhone version (I will open a dedicated thread for that topic).

    In the advanced audio editor and following a bit actual workflow it will make sense to have the option to record into a timeline but grouping the tracks by some coding (or position in the window). Let me explain a bit.
    We have main group and song parts groups. We can record these into a timeline just with 2 audio channels and it will as start point useful but what about recording the main group as 4 dedicsted audio lines/channels and another 4 (or maybe more) for the song parts clips. We can do that also from position (top clips in dedicated channel, 2nd to another, 3rd to another and lower to another) or by color coding (you add a color to the clip and the color bus its output to a dedicated channel let user to mixbussing by color which should be related to the clip content).
    If we match position and color we will have some kind of continuum too but making them seprste gives more flexibility (or mesh) to the user. Just an idea.

    So when we hit rec in the advanced audio editor and perform we end with multistem project suitable for further edition. In fact this should be called advanced recorder since we don’t have an audio editor yet (right?).

    This approach brings 2 workflow possibilities which will worth explore.
    1- Multistem recording which could permit DAW export (Ableton export works with stems too?)
    2- Performance recording. Instead recording audio, just recording the performance (which clip was active, color, fx, etc) as metadata suitable to be crampd into a xml file (and again ableton exportable like BlocsWave does into Launchpad app/ Ableton) giving the users a step in the middle to edit their performance (if we limit all the channels/clips to match Ableton LE version it could be a touchdown since most users use iOS app in junction with Ableton export and give Jack more time to improve internal advanced audio editor meanwhile we have a workaround). Even Apple has Logic Pro export from Garageband pointing the “maybe it’s still to soon to use iPad as computer, let’s make another ad saying the opposite to funnel people” :trollface:

    This 2 approach seem the competence paths (multiple outputs into AUM or DAW) and sequence performance like loopverse or alk desktop looper which seems to be the most requested features at the forum.

    Now some videos snapshots to do the required pedagogy for all my crazy post. I talk like everybody could see my brain from inside, I know.

    Arranger looper concept. Similar but requires know the song structure before start which IMHO defeats too much the experimental or on the fly character of live looping itself.

    Mixtape feature of the failed Serato The Bridge Ableton partnership. You can see a similar approach to another live performance (turntablism) and how a metadata to xml recorder could work. It’s possible to do something even better but that’s another history...

    I hope this clearify the idea behind my proposal. ASAP I will try to mockup the color bussing method I described. Meanwhile please share thoughts and questions.

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