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iPhone version. Let’s talk again...

There has been two years since we talked about this and in this time Apple have diched iPad minis in favor of larger iPhones.
So since we have bigger screens for what seemed too much clumsy info for a phone back in the day, maybe it’s time to rethink and contribute a GTL version for mobile.

Maybe a LE version? Maybe an AUv3 new reduced version to fill some gaps?



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    I agree @dubbylabby, i'll get working on the iPhone version again soon. The question is, how to market it? I like the AUv3 idea, I was thinking of dong something like this anyway.

  • Hi!
    IMHO there are 2+1 approaches...
    1- Dedicated iPhone version.
    It should be something more simple anyways with a proper workflow keeping the advanced functions I described for iPads. Even working on portrait mode (in fact song sections will make more sense in that orientation)
    2- AUv3 universal version of song part to be used as insert loop recorder or glorified sample player (lots of people asking for something like this to work inside AUM). Midi clock/link _issue_ solved...
    3- Universal version just GUI adapted. It will be _theoretically_ easy to maintain but I saw more drawbacks than pros to this option from strategic POV.

    So I think the idea of rebuilding the GUI alongside a simplification of the workflow is the way to go inside a bigger strategy with converging workflow/versions into the future. Taking in mind how Apple point guidelines (now seems AUv3 is the way to go and IAA will be deprecated being a compromise solution to AB competition). Some users will get pissed off but we must understand this is a business and compromises must be taken.
    Not an easy landscape for sure...

    To keep the win/win scenario AUv3 seem the most straight forward and future proof approach. Probably someone is working on it meanwhile we talk but GTL 1.4 has reached a sweet moment (and my day before release post totally lucky spotlight) seems to became a success for your app (maybe a soundtestroom review will be even better...)... what I want to say is get profit for the momentum and ask new users about AUv3 simplified version for iPhone and regular AUM/DAW hosting lovers. A sample recorder/player with timestretch has lots of user request at AB forum.

    Let’s talk about iPhone simplied workflow as AUv3 basis then.
    I imagine a portrait mode with song mode module (one) as the main window. All the preference things will be mostly unnecessary due to Host cappabilities and other channels as drum track, etc...
    maybe a swipe song parts instead more than one instance? IDK what is better from performance bug ironning side but multiple instances looks more flexible IMHO.
    Even the Master group could be just another channel. Be aware of multiple instance issues (reSlice I’m looking at you) to deliver a friendly experience crash&bug free :wink:
    About GUI controls... swipe and “edit/import in GTL/AudioShare” alongside the actual support.

    Outside AUv3 hosting as standalone iPhone version maybe a cramped main group om top (square without waveform but color as I explained in the wishlist topic) and song part bigger, an arrow to right, new song part button... I need to draw it!
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    Some great ideas here @dubbylabby.

    I suspect I would go down the universal road with AUv3 embedded. Therefore it would be one app, rebranded as GTL Pro, with an iPhone, iPad and AUv3 extension. Would this work out financially, I'm not sure.

    Technically everything is in place to make this possible but it would require quite a lot of GUI work and that won't happen over night.

  • I will try to mockup something to help the most I can :blush:
  • Here we go!

  • @Jack please tell us what you think about this. I will really appreciate it... :smiley:

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    Hi @dubbylabby, wow some great work thanks!

    I love the colours, interesting idea with the pickers.

    Your Auv3 implementation is nice too. I like the way it loads as a single group. Synchronisation between groups could be done over the network or some sort of inter app protocol.

    Really appreciate your input thanks!
  • I’m so glad and happy you find it useful. I hope it translates into something in your work and keep fueling inspiration. I love your work mate... :heart:

  • @dubbylabby said:
    I’m so glad and happy you find it useful. I hope it translates into something in your work and keep fueling inspiration. I love your work mate... :heart:


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