Version 1.1.2 is coming!

edited February 2016 in News
Hi folks,

I've just submitted version 1.1.2 to the AppStore for review so hopefully it will be with you soon. Along with some serious bug squashing I've added some exciting new features.

First off is Audiobus Remote support. You can now control Group the Loop remotely from a second device when connected to Audiobus.

Then there is the new 'quick group select view'. Lots of people have asked for an easier way to navigate through groups. Now we have a small tab at the bottom of the screen which expands to show the available groups. A single tap will focus on a group while a double tap will cue and play it. You can also add new groups there.

And finally MIDI. Bluetooth MIDI devices are now supported. I've also added program change and control change message support.

Hope you enjoy the update. Ableton link next!


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