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Feature Requests

First of all, thanks for the excellent work on the GTL app!
I'd like to request double-tap as an option for Trigger Type in addition to the existing Tap and Hold options. Double-tap and hold would also be useful (hold following 2nd tap). I'm having a bit of difficulty coming up with a workable setup using a 6-button MIDI foot controller. Some example configurations would be great.


  • Multiple outputs would be great...but a pan control for the metronome would suffice in the short term. AFAIK, there's no way to separate the metronome from the looper output. Am I missing something?

  • Hi @Iyounkins, glad you like GTL! Can you explain more about your double-tap for Trigger type idea?

    Ah, pan on the metronome, good idea. I'll add that in the next update :).

  • edited December 4

    Hmm 6 buttons... It depends on what you need. I prefer the group based approach.
    1. Record/Overdub - Loop 1 in selected group.
    2. Record/Overdub - Loop 2 in selected group.
    3. Record/Overdub - Loop 3 in selected group.
    4. Record/Overdub - Loop 4 in selected group.
    5. Select Previous Group
    6. Select Next Group

    If you have a controller which supports note on/off you can make use of the hold function for extra options. e.g. Hold button 6 for Play/Stop Session.

    Another approach would be to make use of the "Confine Selection To" option for the "Select Next Loop" binding. This would allow you to cycle through the 4 loops in the selected group with one pedal.

    1. Record/Overdub - Selected loop.
    2. Mute - Selected Loop.
    3. Select Next Loop - Set the "Confine Selection To:" option to "Selected Group".
    4. Select Next Group.
    5. Play/Stop Selected Group
    6. Play/Stop Session
  • Hi Jack,
    Thanks for your reply and suggestions for MIDI bindings.
    The double-tap option is something that's available in Quantiloop and would be useful for GTL as well. There are 3 button actions that can be assigned in Quantiloop: Tap, Hold and Double Tap (two taps is short succession). For example, the Tap action can be assigned to record/play/overdub a track depending on its current state. Hold action to undo/redo/clear and Double-Tap to stop the track. This economizes the number of buttons required to operate the looper. I hope that makes sense...

  • Thanks for clearing that up @lyounkins. It's a good idea. I just need to work out how to apply it. For example, we want to avoid triggering a single tap action, such as record, if we are actually trying to trigger the double tap action, which could be to stop the track.

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