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Hi -thanks for a great app! I am recording a loop in another program (Skram) and I recorded the same loop in 3 different keys and want to put them in GTL to arrange them. They're all at the same tempo but when I import them with audioshare the tempos change. I am thinking this is because I didn't edit them to be exactly the same size. Is there a way to edit the length in GTL or give each "group" it's own tempo? ...or can you suggest the best place to edit the loops to make them the same size before bringing in to GTL? Thank you!!


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    Hey @cbl,

    Yes so it's probably because they are not the exact size or multiple of the first loop you imported. GTL should auto stretch audio files to fit into a session although it sounds like they are being stretched to the wrong bar length.

    There is not a file editor in GTL...YET... but you can edit file lengths in AudioShare although this can be tricky.

    Are you able to send the files over to me so I can see what's going on? It might be that we need to improve the way loops are imported into GTL.
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to get back to me - I realized that instead of making a loop and importing it into GTL it's easier to just record from the other app right into GTL. I agree audioshare has a great easy editor but hard to be that exact with it. If you'd like to have the files to see why the tempo is changing I'm happy to send, is there an email address I can send to?
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    Ah yes that's probably the best way to get them in at the moment. It would be really useful if you could send me the files though so I can see what's going on when importing them. Just send to If the files are quite big then you may need to use WeTransfer. Thanks for the feedback!
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