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How can I Use my loop pedal on 2 lines

I have a TC Ditto. I wish to use this on my board to record loops on my acoustic guitar and acoustic line. I then wish to change to my electric line and play over it. Obviously this will have to seperate outputs, amp and di box to desk. I also then on seperate songs wish to use the looper on my electric line. Is there a way I can incorporate this or do I have to buy a seperate looper for the electric line? I don't want to have to unplug from one and plug into another line.


  • You just need some way to switch between what feeds the looper.

    There are various ways of doing it - it depends exactly what gear you are using already as to what we could recommend to you.

    Many years ago a friend of mine used to have a vocal mic, guitar, bass and keyboard all plugged into a small mixing desk - so that he could play any of them live without re-patching.. then he had his hardware Jam Man looper connected to the desk via an aux send. He simply had to turn up the aux send of whatever channel he wanted to send to the looper - voice, guitar, keys, whatever - so his looped songs could have many textures.
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    Thanks a lot for this information
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