IAA not playing well with GTL

When I try to set audio input to most IAA apps that I have the apps aren't connecting and I get kicked back to the iPad screen, I tried pre opening the IAA APPs and that doesn't help am I missing something?


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    Hey @clomotion, sorry to hear this. I'm afraid IAA can be a pain. When IAA apps fail to launch, the best course of action is to force close all apps, including GTL, and try again. You shouldn't have to open any node apps first. Also if your iPad has limited resources, then the more demanding IAA apps can often crash when you try to switch to them for the first time.

    I will run over my IAA implementation again but the only improvement I can probably make is to add a timeout when IAA apps fail to load and give directions for the user to troubleshoot, much like in AUM. Unfortunately a lot of these issues are IAA bugs. If you can, it's always more reliable to use Audiobus as this works around the well known IAA issues.

    Out of interest, what device/IOS are you running?
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