Ability to use inside Bias FX as an in-app IAA effect.

I just got my iTrack Dock today - and purchased Bias FX guitar amp sim to use with it and GTL.
All work fine together. I noticed that the Bias app offers the ability to place certain IAA apps into its effect signal chain. And I see the Quantiloop looper there. But don't see GTL.

Could this be done in the future ? the advantage I guess is that GTL is sort of "hosted" inside Bias instead of Bias being an IAA app feeding into GTL - as is currently possible.

Another request - One can currently set apps such as Bias FX as the input source into GTL and it works ok. But when diong this there doesnt seem to be an easy way via icon to switch back to the amp sim app in order to change things etc.

So i ended up using good old AUM - and then of course we get the icons and can switch back and tweak stuff - but it would be good to not have to use AUM and be able to use GTL with Bias FX ( or any other IAA app ) easily.
Could this be done in the future ?

When i'm using an amp-sim app with GTL changes are im going to need to and want to pop in and out of the amp-sim app a lot of the time.

( clearly this is not an issue when im using my HELIX )


  • Yeh it's possible, may be a quick job actually. I'll look into it!
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