Using AUM with a Group the Loop

So, ive got a technique of using AUM with Group the Loop that is working really well for me I thought I would share

With your intruments setup on various AUM channels
+ Select a channel, add a 'Bus Send' insert, select 'Send to Bus A', .
+ Then long hold the insert and set to 'Post'
+ Swipe the insert left to temporaily disable it
+ Repeat this for each channel
+ Add a 'Mix Bus' channel, select 'Receive from Bus A'
+ Turn the volume up on the mix bus channel to maximum
+ Add a 'Dynamics \ Saturation' insert to the mix bus channel, increase the saturation to approximately 4db
+ Click 'Destination' of the mix bus channel, select 'IAA / Audobus Output', choose 'IAA / AB Output 1'
+ Open Group the Loop, select the 'Audio Input' to IAA 'Kymatica AUM (Port1)

The core setup is now complete.
Swipe the bus send insert 'right' to enable that channels audio to be sent to Group the Loop.
This is working like a charm for me, allowing me to capture audio from AUM on the fly.

Toggle enabling\disabling the bus send insert for a channel when playing at the same time can be tricky
If you have an Arturia Beatstep
+ Set the knobs on your Beatstep to 'Relative #2' using Arturias 'Midi Control Centre' application.
+ Then in AUM, go into the midi control for the channel and set the knob to control the 'Send to Bus A' amount.
+ Also modify the 'Range' of the 'Send to Bus A' amount to between 50% - 0%, which reverses the scale.

Posted the tip up to AUM forum also.,265.0.html

But in truth, I only use Group the Loop, all the others are rubbish.
Looking forward to the new release


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