Saving more than one MIDI Controller-MAP

Hi Jack - remind me - will the upcoming new version allow one to save multiple differnt MIDI-MAPPING sets ?

This may have been mentioned already - i forget..

QL doesnt have that yet- and I so wish it did. For those that are likely to need differeny kinds of controller for different occasions being able to select a previously set up map set would be helpful


  • Yes it will :)
  • Fab!.

    And if you haven't already got QL v 2.5 for your "competition research" i'd reccomend it - of not only to match hi feature set - which has just gotten REALLY interesting... but also for ideas where you can go better.

    For example - it has to be said - both looper apps are - i find - extremely arduous to set up or MIDI control - particularly with my HELIX which has enough issues (and MIDI control power has to be said ).

    One of the things i'm going to suggest to both the QL dev and you - is to - if possible not just present a list-edit type of approach to mapping controllers but somethign more visual - by which i mean - for example givign us the option to select one of the standard floor-controller layouts VISUALLY - say 4 stomps side by side, 8 stomps 4 above each other, 10 stomps, 6 stomps - in other words to reflect the common foot controllers out there. And then display - AT ONCE - as much of what each stomp is set up for - under each stomp - with a "properties" panel to one side if necessary to show and edit all the paramters too numerous to show undr each stomp.

    The old Line 6 Pod HD 500 used to have a PC.Mac editor in which you could edit like this.
    But unfortunately, in both the HELIX Editor software and looper apps - things seem to have take a backward step where its back to creating and scrolling through a list of settings and then drilling down into each setting - often several levels. This is of course a standard iOS user interface method - which suits many things fine - but for MIDI mapping- is a real pain.

    I would prefer to be able to see all "controllers" - stomps or whatever - represented visually in one go - and as closely matching the physical controller...

    just my tuppeneths- but i only lay this stuff on you because both these apps have such potential for future use - and are cool - and its the cool apps I bother with pestering devs with feature requests and gripes the most :)
  • Layout preset manager could be interesting but ATM both apps need basic features like advanced midi bindings and so... not saying forget it but maybe let's work on it to make it faster to implement.

    As I can imagine what you describe it's a mix between the BM3 approach and touchOSC...? We can look for the most common workflows (footstep, tabletop, half...) and make some layouts for make it easy. Implement few common controllers (fcb1010, Pods/helix... nanokontrol, launchcontrol xl...) but it will require describe the related workflow for each one (building songs from zero, live recording over pre-recorded material, backing tracks...)

    What are the most common to start with? How we imagine the layout manager window? Maybe it will be better a dedicated app?

    @Jack How do you see it? We can take a modular approach and even imagine how it will be with dedicated hardware... (from diy to a future partnershipping :smiley: )
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