"Fast-access" toolbar at bottom - to access commonly used SETTINGS pages with a single "click"

I go on about the need for commonly used features to be only one-click away. Input/output options and levels come into this.

the upcoming release beta is looking good - but for the next major update - some real thought into GUI ergonomics appropriate for mistake-free operation in a high-stress live-looping-jamming situation would be more appreciated than adding more "must haves"... For example the level and pan stuff could do with revamp. I get that due to the minimalist aesthetic of GTL one doesnt want to "cram" too many buttons and controls in the main window (unlike QL) - hence much is hidden away - so clearly all this will require a bit of "deep thought" before a better but un-cluttered solution is found.

good luck!


  • edited March 2018
    Yeh good idea, I’ll need to rethink the setting views for the universal/iphone version. I’ll keep this in mind for then.
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