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Blue Board and bluetooth foot pedals

Hi @Jack,
I've seen some post about Blue board footpedal but I didn't find what I need. It's possible to use more than one blue board at the same time? Do you know a better solution with more pedals but bluetooth?
If possible to attach another bluetooth controller as a companion?



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    Morning @dubbylabby, that’s a good question. I don’t have a blueboard but I understand you connect it via Bluetooth to the blueboard app then via a virtual MIDI port to other apps like GTL. If the Blueboard app supports the connection of more then one blueboard and squeezes it down one virtual port then this could be possible.

    Currently GTL only supports the connection of one MIDI port at a time. I expect you maybe able to chain certain equipment together with MIDI cables and then take the midi signal from the last controller and feed it into GTL. I’m afraid I haven’t experimented much myself with this sort of set up.

    I will look into supporting the connection of multiple MIDI ports within GTL as this will open up some options for us.
  • Thanks @Jack I'm wondering that option due how I set my pedals (4 for looping, 4 for song part and 2 for previous/next song) so these blueboards seems a good choice (these have 2 extra expression input pedals) and seem very portable.

    I probably will end modifying my old fc100mk2 to send proper midi messaging (ATM weird CCs) and probably I will attach a bluetooth adapter to it.

    Keep us posted with your findings but don't take it as priority, mate. I prefer to see AUv3 happening more than this by 100% :wink:

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