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Keyboard bindings: support for special keys (arrows, ctrl, pgup, etc.)

i just got a used apple magic keyboard and played around with keyboard bindings... wow, how cool is that! and so much more powerful than a foot pedal (in fact, i’m placing the keyboard on the ground and using it with my right foot)!

i was a bit surprised though that some keys are not available for binding, like:

- up/down/left/right: really would have expected these to work
- enter: the same
- cmd/ctrl/alt/shift: i’m aware that these are modifier keys, but it would be great to have them available on their own anyway, as they are the most accessible keys (next to the space bar)

i’m hapoy with all the working keys the magic keyboard gives me so far. but i’m already thinking of replacing it with a bluetooth numeric keypad. but before getting one i’d love to be sure whether all (or at least most) of its keys would be supported; some of them even offer some special keys like pageup or printscreen, what about these?

a fully supported wireless num key would sooo rule out any foot pedal in both functionality and sexiness! :)


  • Only character keys are supported at the moment. Anything that produces a character when pressed, which is why arrow keys do not work.
  • I understand. Hopefully this will be enhanced some day.

    I would love to multiply/divide the clock using up/down and add/subtract using right/left.

    I suspect it wouldn‘t be possible to bind something to a plain modifier key like Alt or Cmd? I guess at least Ctrl and Cmd would be intercepted by iOS (I don‘t know, it‘s just a feeling). Still, these keys are very prominent on a keyboard, so it would be great to use them. Though, it would need to be triggered on KeyUp event (JavaScript speaking), to not interfere with key combinations... By the way I love that I can assign so many bindings right now to one single key by using modifier keys:

    - a
    - Shift + a
    - Alt + a
    - Shift + Alt + a

    Great work! :-)
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    haha i just tried binding emojis - works perfectly! :smiley:

    just for the records:

    while it seems stupid in the first moment, it offers an additional HUGE palette of bindings (5x16 emojis displayed at a time, and tons more of them available through scrolling).

    for example, the pooh emoji could reset a session. :wink:

    these bindings take longer to activate than regular ones: it needs pressing the fn key to display them on screen first. then one (or many) can be touched. then fn hides them again. In fact, while the emoji keyboard is displayed, the bluetooth keyboard is still fully functioning, which means I can use both in parallel.

    Acknowledging the fact that most actions in GTL can be assigned to a binding, and many actions can be combined in a binding, this would allow to have a powerful set of complex special bindings available at your fingertips (in addition to a set of rather generic bindings that are triggered with the bluetooth keyboard). One such binding could be:

    - move to group 1
    - move to loop 1
    - set input to mic
    - mute the group
    - set clock to 8
    - record/overdub

    Thinking of it, each group of emojis (Smileys and people, animals and nature, food and drink, etc.) could be assigned to a specific group (master, group 1, group 2, etc.).

    A set of such bindings could be extremely powerful and would make interaction with GTL‘s GUI obsolete for most of the time...

    i’m not really sure whether the default emojis can be re-skinned, but if so, this would allow to design an individual set of emojis to be used in GTL.
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