air turn quad with GTL?

My iPad Air recognizes air turn quad
but gtl does not


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    Hi @dave,

    The air turn will need to support MIDI over Bluetooth for it to work with GTL. I don’t have an air turn so I can’t confirm this myself. Maybe there is a particular mode for this?

    I do know that the standard modes send out key commands. Unfortunately the key commands are all ‘function’ keys (pageUp, pageDown) and GTL only supports character keys at the moment (e.g A, B, C...)

    Now you have mentioned it I will look into supporting function keys as well.
  • Thanks for the response, It gives me something to work with.

  • Hey Dave,
    I have the same problem. Air Turn works on Ipad, not on gtl.
    Did you find a solution? Can you help me?

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