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Cirrus - sax looping with GroupTheLoop

edited July 2019 in General Discussion

My new track CIRRUS - sax looping with GroupTheLoop iOS app (here on iPhone beta version).

100 % made on iPhone 7 Plus, using various apps including GTL and Audiobus.

Instrumental loops are triggered live (including groups swithcing and drums muting), all saxes loops and sax solos are played live and recorded/performed in one pass in GroupTheLoop with a pedalboard.

No post production except for Lurssen Mastering Console on the GTL stereo file performance recording.

Initial loops are made in Audiobus with Ruismaker/Atom for drums, Volt/Lorentz/ModelD/Atom for pad, with various AU effects, and recorded directly in GroupTheLoop via Audiobus.

I just discovered GroupTheLoop recently while beta testing it on the iPhone, this app really rocks and opens looping to new possibilities!!!

Many thanks @Jack for your wonderful app!!!!!! :):):);)


  • Wow, great music Jean!

    And thanks for all your hard work beta testing :)

  • Thanks Jack :smile:

    That’s super tricky to improvise over groups and switch between them with the pedalboard, but that’s huge fun and allow for very cool exploration, I love this!!

    I will check today’s beta, seems that there are lot of interesting things including AUV3 sync B)
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