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Is there a way to control fx?

I can’t see any midi bindings for fx, does anyone know of any tricks to automate / control AUv3 (or the internal) effects using a remote midi cc?


  • Not at the moment I'm afraid, It's been requested a few times before now. Its a great idea, one day...

  • Ah ok, thanks for the info
  • As far as I can tell, you need Audiobus or AUM for that. I'm also struggling with how to set this up though, as you can read on the Audiobus forums: How to control Audio Unit settings using an external MIDI controller?.

  • Happy new year everyone!
    I'm still figuring the best way to use GTL as my small ableton looping machine and was wondering just the same as OP (even without AUv3 support, just for the integrated fx like reverb, delay, filter...) to assign some knobs and toggles by loop or group... until it becomes reality someday maybe I should just wonder the AUM route as @josh points...

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