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I am having some trouble coordinating between Gadget and GTL. If I play something from Gadget to GTL, I am able to get the timing right, using the count in. But if I try to play from Gadget, Gadget seems to have its own count in before playing. I shut off the count-in via settingsin Gadget, but that count in is for Recording. It still gives me a visual 1 2 3 4 before playing the track, thus throwing the timing off.

Would it be correct to say that if you have a finished piece in an app, it is better to export it to Audioshare than to try to get the app to play it into GTL? Or should I be able to do this, and it is just a quirk/feature of Gadget that I haven't figure out how to turn off?


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    If I understand correctly, you'd like to take a track you've made in Gadget and import it into GTL.

    Firstly, yes. The easiest way to do this is to just directly import the audio files into GTL. You can use AudioShare or the iOS Files app. You can also use Drag and Drop if Gadget supports it.

    As for recording Gadget into GTL via IAA, If you are using Ableton Link to synchronise the two apps, then the phase of the track in Gadget should line up with your recording in GTL but it sounds like this is not happening. Are there any options in gadget for phase synchronisation? If so then try setting it to the length of the loop recording in GTL. If that doesn't help then I'm not sure... Unless you are using Gadget as an instrument to record into GTL live then I'd say directly importing the audio files is the way to go.

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