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MIDI Commands

Please be patient with me; I am new here. Just saw Doug Wood's video on Group the Loop and just had to have it. Been looking for an app like this for almost a year and a half; closest thing to Ableton Live yet.

Is there any downloadable documentation on the MIDI commands available in GTL? Or is it just play with it till I get it? I was able to download a copy of the User Guide as a PDF through one of my browsers but the MIDI information is a little sketchy.

For instance I would like to stop the Master Loop after the longest loop plays such as in the Follow function of the Group functions. But I can't seem to find it. I am a bass player wanting to keep my hands on my bass so all my commands will end up being MIDI commands from my foot pedal so you can see my need for a good understanding of the MIDI functions.

Thanks for the great app and look forward to using the dickens out of it.



  • Apply for betatest so you can try before buy and suggest/request features.


  • Hi @Slimbeaux,

    Glad you're enjoying the app. The docs don't go into too much detail MIDI wise so yes it maybe a good idea to try each one out and experiment.

    The master group is a little different to the other groups as it plays throughout your song. So the only way to stop it is with the main play/stop button or via the Global "Play/Stop" MIDI function. Unfortunately this can't be cued in/out so you can only stop/play instantly.

    You can of course CUE muting of individual loops. First of all make sure the main CUE button is turned ON and you have enable "Mute Follows CUE" in the "CUE Settings". Then set up a "Mute" MIDI function for each loop in the master group. Make sure the correct loop is selected when setting up the MIDI binding e.g "Loop 1 in Master Group". Repeat this step for every loop in the master Group. Don't forget you can add multiple functions to each MIDI binding so you could do all this with one pedal.

  • Thanks Jack. That sounds like a good fix and will do just what I want it to do. I will try it out tomorrow and see how that works. I am using a Nektar Pacer MIDI Foot Controller so I should be able to find a place to put the commands. It has 24 presets on it so there is plenty. Just have to remember which one is which.

    Sorry for the long response time. I have no internet where I live and when I come down out of the woods some times I don't have time to hit everything that I want to do. All The Best. Slim

  • Hello Jack. Well I tried that Cue midi out and it works great. I am able to do what I wanted as far as playing my loops and groups. I was really pleased that the Mute midi command wasn't loop specific; that all I had to do was be on the correct loop and the command worked. Saves a lot on presets and having to jump around the pedal board. I will tell you though that learning to really learn a pedal board is almost as tough as learning a new instrument. Again thanks for the help. Slim

  • Thanks for the update @Slimbeaux, I know what you mean when it comes to learning the pedal board!

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