Pitch/Time Shifting, Compressor, EQ, Master FX Channel, Independent Loop Length

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Hello everybody,<br /><br />to begin with - it's an amazing iOS looper, I would even say it's a new approach to DAW, very clever and intuitive interface and it sounds good.<br /><br />The following features would make Group The Loop my main mobile recording app:<br /><br />1. Pitch Shifting & Time Stretching - almost all loopers have it, very useful for basses and some crazy layerin effects. The easiest would be to implement the X2,3,4 /2,3,4 Speed option like in calssical looper.<br />2. Compressor & EQ - speaks for itself<br />3. Master FX channel, where you can put compressor and EQ<br />4. Independent Loop length, the way it's implemented in Ableton (i.e. don't have tap on X2 /2 to increase decrease loop length)<br />5. Direct overdub option (overdub starts right after the first take)<br /><br />But anyways, it's already great software - I would pay 4x the price for this features.<br /><br />Here'S my first quick recording done with built in iPad mic:<br />


  • Hey man, great recording!<br /><br />All your suggestions are possible!<br />Would you expect the pitch shifting/time stretching to be dragged and dropped to a loop like an effect? Or have you another idea?<br /><br />I've added it to the list. :)
  • Thanks :)<br /><br />In my opinion, Pitcht Shifting/Time Stretching is more of a direct sample manipulation function, than an effect. There's a contextual menu, when you swipe down a clip [FX, Vol/Pan, Rename] - so I think it would fit in there very well as an icon. Again to begin with x2, x4, ÷2, ÷4 Speed (Sample Rate) functionality would work - I think it's pretty easy to implement. But if you can also implement pitch shifting without changing sample speed - that would be awesome.<br /><br />Regarding interface, [mute] and [solo] buttons on all clips while in a [record performance] mode would be very helpful. Currently you have to tap first to display an overlay with [mute] [overdub] - which totally messes up timing and when you hit [un-mute] the overlay disappears. So it could work like that, when you hit [record performance] button, [mute] and [solo] buttons are overlayed on top of each clip and stay there till you hit [stop] :) Also being able to Fade-In/Fade-Out clips while recording would be cool. 
  • Thanks, some great ideas there!<br /><br />Yeh pitch shift should be easy enough to add as I already have the mechanics in place.<br /><br />I'll keep you updated of any progress here.<br /><br />Cheers!
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