Add "one-click-and-drag" way to instantly adjust volume/pan similar to LoopTree

edited November 2016 in Feature Wish-lists
To alter volume/pan - like in LoopTree - it would be much more instant ( in a live situation ) to have a means where merely a single “touch-drag” in the loop area - or in a special new "vol/pan-drag-area" invoked the vol/pan slider straight away.
Maybe via a two-fingered drag-gesture in the LOOP area itself could do this ( nice and minimal) or pressing in a new small area (icon) to the right of the loop area.

So to make such a commonly used aspect of performance as "Minimal" to invoke as possible. Basically the less “clicks” to invoke any action performed a lot - particularly when in the middle of a live performance - the better :)


  • I like the two finger drag idea, that would work without having to change much. You can swipe up on a loop though to bring up the vol/pan view quickly.
  • This could co-exist with my suggestion of adding a [Pan/Vol] icon to the left icon column of a group. In each case, I would suggest to show an overlay above the top icon bar that shows both the previous and the current Vol and Pan settings you're currently editing (my description is from left to right):
    1. A horizontal VOLUME "progress bar" like the ones in "Noise Gate" with Vol=0..127 printed inside
    (0..127 is the best match for external MIDI control)
    2. A horizontal PANORAMA "progress bar" like the ones in "Noise Gate" with Pan=L63..0..63R printed inside
    (MIDI Control: 0=L63, ..., 63=0, 64=0, ..., 127=63R

    A grey bar and light-gray value indicator show the new setting and a red line shows the current setting so you know exactly by how much you're changing a value, without accidentally changing e.g. the pan position if all you want is change the volume.

    The Vol and Pan sliders on top disappear as soon as you lift your two fingers, and you see the menu again.

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