Needs an instant-re-record button.

Currently there are too many "clicks" to get rid of an unwanted loop just recorded and record a new one:

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Maybe add a RE-RECORD button next to the red OVERDUB button ? Also the red circle to me indicates just a "record" function - so maybe a different icon for overdub would be better.

As before - think theres a lot of scope for improvement in reducing the number of "clicks" required to do the following on a selected loop:

* adjust volume pan
* switch to overdub

Unless i'm missing some shortcut somewhere.


  • I have some even simpler ideas of how to solve these problems:
    When you tap on an existing loop, you have these MUTE and REC buttons.
    If you just tap REC, you'll overdub.
    If you tap-hold rec (for, say, more than 0.6 seconds), GTL could just re-record from scratch.

    Additionally, apart from that I *really* like the swipe-undo-redo layer-by-layer feature a lot, why not extend it to one more step:The first recording iteration can be undone too! So if you recorded one layer, swiping left will undo so you have an empty clip. Swiping right will bring it back again ("redo").
    This also means that the undo/redo feature is available as soon as a clip has been recorded.
    Tap-swiping on a clip with only one rec. layer will currently swipe between groups while with 2 rec. layers it will undo/redo - which is inconsistent anyway.

    As for the Vol/Pan/FX settings per clip in one group:
    Left from the "Group [n]" box, we currently have 3 buttons: Play, Mute, Info.
    Why not put more buttons to the left: [Pan/Volume], [FX], [Rename], [Delete].
    Tapping on one of these buttons will make the function available for all visible clips simultaneously:
    - Rename will show text fields that you can simply tap into and enter some text. After you've hit Return, the cursor is placed in the next clip below as long as there's any left below, so renaming all 4 clips in a row is done VERY fast.
    - FX will open the FX chain in all clips at once so it's quicker to add any FX to any clip
    - Pan/Vol will open small x/y pads in each clip slot so you can tweak all of them quickly.
    - Delete will make a trash can symbol appear in each relevant clip, you have to tap it to delete it. Here, again, by swiping left you can undo the deletion of a clip.
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    Hi @ampmaniac, some great ideas here! I particularly like the ability to re record by holding the rec icon.

    I also like swipe left to remove the first loop layer. With this in mind, how would you imagine users to navigate through groups? I'd have though this would make it tricky trying to avoid accidentally removing a loop layer when swiping.

    Yep more group buttons to the left to quickly access multiple loop functions would be handy but I don't want to clutter up the interface too much. I will give it some thought. If you didn't know, you can quickly access vol/pan with a single up swipe on a loop. Also FX menus open automatically when you drag an effect over a loop.

  • To move between groups, you would just tap between groups and swipe.

    Yes I knew the swipe up/down shortcut but to change multiple loops, this would be quite handy.
  • Got you, I will certainly consider this.
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