GUI idea for implementing "minimalist" one-touch operation for mute, overdub, etc

Maybe - there could be a kind of "floating popup" button-panel which sits just below whichever loop is currently selected. But only for that loop - so these new buttons wouldn't appear for EVERY loop - and would disappear when appropriate. Like a kind of context-menu ( or panel )


  • I see, do you mean when they are selected with a MIDI controller?
  • no - but that might not be a bad idea too. I meant whenever a loop is being recorded,overdubbed or just the last one interacted with ( or highlighted/selected ).

    TBH im not sure how i envisage it - i was just trying to think of ways in which the relevant buttons could be BIG but not have to be displayed on ALL loops ( clutter etc ) but just one loop - the one with "focus" etc....
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