Midi using Foot controller

Love the new app and find it very useful on the ipad. Can someone point me in the right direction as it relates to using a foot controller. I am getting the correct midi signal to GTL. After I set the binding to "Loop 1 in Group" - Record/Overdub, nothing happens. The Global - Play/jStop works fine but cannot get the Group 1 loop to play or stop via midi. Where can I find an in depth narrative on this issue. The manual is not quite clear on this.



  • Hi @Mach2,

    so you need to select the group first by using the 'Select Next Group' function. You will find this in the 'Global' Category. Once a group is selected you will see an orange border appear around it to indicate that it's selected. Now the "Loop 1 in Group" - Record/Overdub" function will record/overdub to loop 1 in that group.

    If you have enough pedals, i'd suggest this sort of configuration:
    Pedal 1: 'Loop 1 in Group" - Record/Overdub'
    Pedal 2: 'Loop 2 in Group" - Record/Overdub'
    Pedal 3: 'Loop 3 in Group" - Record/Overdub'
    Pedal 4: 'Loop 4 in Group" - Record/Overdub'
    Pedal 5: 'Select Previous Group'
    Pedal 6: 'Select Next Group'

    If you're short on pedals then you may want to navigate by individual loops rather than by groups. You can do this with the 'Select Next Loop', 'Select Previous Loop' and 'Record Selected Loop' functions.

    Hope this helps!
  • Now that I see the logic behind the user flow, that makes sense. It worked just fine, thanks so much for the timely response.
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