Operating GTL in Portrait mode and GTL on an iPad Pro - Split View -side by side with another app

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Ive sold my 16GB iPad Air2 on eBay in order to get another one soon with much more storage - or to get an iPad Pro instead.

Reason to get the Pro would be chiefly so i can run and see two apps at once side by side. But considering the Pro would probably be used in landscape mode - the two apps would be displayed in PORTRAIT MODE.

Cant test this but last time as i recall GTL doesnt work in Portrait mode on a standard iPad.
Can this be changed ?

Or Alternately - if the iPad Pro is used in Portrait mode itself - can one display two apps - one below the other - both in landscape mode ?


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    Yes i've wanted to support split view for awhile now although this does require the app to run in portrait mode. This means a new UI design which is fairly time consuming. Currently i'm working on the iPhone version which does run in portrait so maybe once that is out we can migrate some of it's design to the iPad.

    I'm not sure about split screen with landscape orientation but I think I read somewhere that this is not possible.
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