Metronome Routing issue + Input sound processing

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Hello guys,

First of all, I must say after years of looping and looking for an alternative to hardware pedals, This is by far the most promising looping app I have ever seen. I'm totally in love with it, thanks to the Devs!

I have 2 questions:

1. I'm doing live looping with a cello/condenser microphone. Problem is the metronome leaks in the ground loop. Anyway to route the metronome to another output (using a NI soundcard) like in Ableton? This way I can keep an earbud handy for the first few loops and only I can hear it. If none, any suggestions as to how I could solve this problem?

2. I'd like to process my cello's sound first before sending it to GTL, amplitube does not accept my soundcard for some reason, and Garageband does not allow to act as input in Audiobus. Could you guys recommend a good app to EQ and compress my sound, set better reverbs etc...An app designed maybe for nice accoustic audio processing?

I'd be very grateful for some answers.
I'm going to Bangkok this March for a show that involved looping and i'm contemplating using GTL for it!

Many Thanks



  • Hello and welcome Fretless31,
    Here another new GTL user trying to help ;)

    1- It will be useful dedicated outputs for tic and bypass input... but meanwhile I can recomend you start with prerecorded loop in Master group as audible tic for everyone. If your first loop is solo audio or beatbox etc... "Fake it until you make it" since crowd expects music over performance the most of the time.
    The workflow step by step:
    - Record the initial loop in home
    - Go on stage and play the loop with the Cello
    - Press Global start at the end of the loop
    - Start recording the rest of the song you need.
    - Enjoy your first perfect loop and stop worrying about "miss the first shot"

    This is how I worked with old hardware which didn't sincronize well with midi clock make me search for workarounds. Simplify the most you can and focus in Music.

    2- You have a "Audio Input" tab in Options where you can add some fx from the fx panels at the right side and also you can select "Inter-app Audio" which could route another app inside GTL. As it seems you know it can also be possible open GTL in AudioBus output slot which make it available as input in GTL.
    I understand that the included fx didn't suit your needs/tastes...
    Your soundcard isn't compatible only with Amplitube app? Has the app somekind of dongle soundcard approach? I remember use IK apps without dedicated hardware but maybe I'm missing something...

    Anyways talking about good fx apps for eq/compression I recomend Kytmatica apps (the same developer of AUM)

    AUFX:Push por Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

    AUFX:PeakQ por Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

    And also Mastering tool Final Touch
    Final Touch - Audio Mastering, Post Production and Mixing por Positive Grid Inc

    Or Bias (not tested by myself but seems ok)

    BIAS FX por Positive Grid Inc

    BIAS Amp por Positive Grid Inc

    Hope it helps you and broke a leg (best wishes) for these gig!
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    Hmm, I will look into adding options for routing the metronome output. Thanks for bringing this up.

    Meanwhile just as @dubbylabby suggested, you could load a click/metronome sample into a loop in the master group. It's a bit of a workaround but if you panned it to the right you could use that channel for your monitor, the left channel could then feed the FOH. You would have to manulally mute the click when you're done with it.

    Another option is to use another app for the metronome and synchronise it via Ableton Link. You could do this with AUM and send the metronome to your desired output. The metronome won't automatically stop after your first record like in GTL but you can probably assign a foot pedal to start and stop it via MIDI.

    Hope this helps
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    Effects wise, I'd recommend using Audiobus rather than say AUM for inserting effects on the live audio input. AUM is great for IAA apps but doesn't pass on latency information when connected to a hardware input or the iPad mic. Therefore, any real instruments maybe slightly out of time when recorded. Audiobus accounts for this by letting the receiving app (GTL) know whether it's connected to the audio input or another app.

    I'd also recommend trying to keep your input effects light or use a low buffer size. Mainly because any latency incurred by these will not be accounted for either. I believe this is a current limitation of IAA. Personally i'd try to add compression/reverb first using hardware/mixing desk. Simpler and less apps to juggle during a live performance.
  • Thanks Dubby and Jack for taking you precious time to share your suggestions. I admit that although it's silly I'm kind of a purist and I like to really build all from scratch but I'm aware audience won't make the difference though and you have a very valid point! It's just a personal thing I love about live looping.

    Right now I'm able to start a really basic beatbox with click on master and quickly turn it off then start layering and building. In the future and for more complex songs, having an in ear click will become necessary though, particularly if looping in a band or with other people, so I can share the click with them on a separate channel and keeps us all tight.

    Thanks for all the app suggestions. Final touch looks like the App I need, but would Audiobus accept it as Input in Audiobus? Seems a very advanced app and I'm not so well versed in Sound Design. Think a basic user like me can handle it?

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    Just had a look at Final Touch and it loads nicely into an Audiobus effects slot with GTL in the output slot. You will however need to use a 128 buffer setting to get minimal latency when adding effects to the input stream. If your iPad is pretty powerful you should have no problem. I personally prefer to monitor direct from the mixing desk or sound card and use a higher buffer setting.
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    Final Touch could be fit in any AB slot and also does IAA so you could add it from Audio input options in GTL (just whoa!)

    It has some presets so it should be a matter of try... if you want to check something contact me since I have it purchased but I didn't use it too much (I bought it over sale time :V )
  • Thanks for feedback and offering to help:)
    Using my good old Ipad 3, I think might be a better option for now to mix my live sound before sending it to the Ipad. As for home practice the built in effects work fine!

  • Yes that's another smart movement: use any external options you have.
    When I used my old iPad3 also had the fx external (Roland vt3 for pitchshift and Kaoss quad for the rest) and I sold them when bought iPad mini 4 but I still has some fx in mind (Behringer Us600 or some vocal doubler in my radar, maybe a talkbox... ;) ) and also I have an old iPhone 4 which let me make some extra tricks (and which I'm trying to upgrade to 5s) so "one machine for each function at stage" and for arranging songs in the stage with extra jamming option GTL fits perfect for me.

    If I go as backing tracks for others then Launchpad app or LooptunesHD with the proper controller is my choice. The same for live visuals and apps like vidbox, touchwiz or maybe takete in the future but avoiding doing it altogether and leaving visuals for the friends macbook pro if I need to do music at the same time...
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