Play/Stop midi command not working on Master Loop

I can play/stop just fine with any group after selection via foot control.
But master loop just won't respond to command.
A problem when wanting to create a drop and then suddenly bring back the beat, did I do anything wrong? Or that's how it is for now?


  • There is a binding for start /stop selection and another for whole song, Did you use booth or only first?
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    Hi @Fretless31, afraid you can't play/stop the master group yet. If you think it's necessary then I can add it to the feature request list. You can of course mute individual loops in the master group.
  • Well if Understood right one workaround could be just record a blank loop (I made it for test just recording from audiobus with volume of the device and gain input in settings set to 0) and you have the possibility of run transport for drops.
  • Understood Jack once i'll drop some ideas in that section.
    Dubby, that's a nice hack, will try it out! Thank you
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