would this workaround work?

I'd really like the manual mode to have the option to start/stop recording/playing at the next bar, rather than immediately. I know we discussed that might be an option that's add edone day, but I thought I might be able to use a Mozaic script (much simpler than Josh's impressive effort) to accomplish the same thing right now.

I'm using AUM. So if I could come up with a script that would intercept my foot controller CC, and delay it till the start of the next bar before sending it out to GTL, do you think that would be successful?

If that works in theory, I imagine it might be best to send the message a few ms before that bar marker, than right on the beat.

I know GTL can only see one midi controller at a time, but it can still receive commands via AUM I presume? (Oh it must be able to for Josh's script to work I guess). I'm not sure of the process of enabling GTL to see an internal midi command, can you type it in manually?

Do you foresee any problems with this? I don't have Mozaic yet, and don't really know scripting, but there are a lot of examples and a lot of people on the AB forum willing to help with that stuff.


Oh, and a second thing... Is there any way that a bluetooth alphanumeric keyboard can be made to send commands to GTL when that app is not in the foreground? I fear there may not be as I guess that's an operating system thing.


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    Hi @SimonSomeone,

    Afraid I'm not that familiar with Mozaic, I expect @josh would be the man to jump in here.

    If everything is synced up with Ableton Link then I can imagine it's possible to trigger a recording in GTL after a number of beats or bars. As for how easy that would be, I can't say.

    Awaiting @josh....

    As for Bluetooth keys in the background, I expect not I'm afraid. Do you have any other apps that allow this? If so then maybe it's possible.

  • for the bt maybe something like midiflow or similar... and even the delay messaging thing maybe too...

  • Hey guys

    I'm happy to help. It is indeed possible to send MIDI events from Mozaic (hosted inside AUM) to GTL. You can delay them, you can send them at a specific beat or the start of a new bar. So if you only need to send the MIDI exactly after the current bar, then you can simply use @OnNewBar.

    As the clock length usually is more than 1 bar (and you might want to send the MIDI after the current clock length, i.e. after 4 or 8 bars), you would have to push the button while the last bar is playing. This might be inconvenient. But I couldn't find any other way yet to calculate when GTL would start a new recording cycle (resp. end the current one). I hope that some day GTL could send some custom MIDI signals (so called sysex commands) on such moments, so other scripts could listen to those signals and act upon receiving them. I didn't hear anything back on my suggestion though, see:


    Regarding the Bluetooth keyboard: no, it won't be available when the app is not in foreground, AFAIK, as the OS is managing this.

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    thanks @josh and @dubbylabby

    I'm actually getting this to work, (still ironing out the bugs though) using the matrix in Imaginado LK. This started out as an iPad controller for Ableton live, but now has a midi mode for use in AUM etc as an AUv3.

    You can set up clips in a grid like in Live, and trigger them from a midi controller. Each clip is a piano roll midi sequencer, and they've just added the ability to record CCs

    So have a clip that is set to a 1 bar launch quantise. I hit my controller during the bar before I want it to take effect, then as the bar rolls over, it selects a specific loop in GTL, enters record mode, and also exits it after a certain amount of time, in my case 4 bars.

    If you can do the scripting of Mozaic, that might be a better option, but I'm a bit hesitant to go there. This is a little fiddly, but it seems to work! You could script an entire song this way I think.

    Here's a lil vid. I wasn't playing nothing so nothing was recorded but you can see what's going on.

    Note the piano roll is not doing anything in this vid. The controller info is drawn in the section below. but you can see the timeline scrolling in the piano roll, and you can see the clip flashing after i trigger it (top left corner), until the bar rolls over.

    Note also my very technical paper overlays on the midi controller. I figure I can swap these between songs as some button assignments would vary.

  • Actually I'm having issues with things triggering on time here, plus LK loses the 2nd point, creating a controller ramp down which starts/stops the recording loop multiple times, choking the system and sounding bad!

    Back to the drawing board...

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