Roland SPD 20

I am very new to Midi. I have a ipad running group the loop, Line 6 midi to USB cable and Roland SPD-20
I would like to be able to start/stop loops using the pads of the roland spd-20. The manual is gobbilidy gook to me.
How do I do this?


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    Hi, i haven't got a Roland SPD-20 myself but i'd guess it outputs MIDI notes (like a keyboard). Best thing to do is to plug it into your iPad and see if you can get GTL to detect any MIDI notes, or whatever it sends, when you play it.

    Go to MIDI in the GTL settings and select your line 6 MIDI device. You should see it under devices. Then play one of the pads on the Roland and see if anything comes up on the right hand side of the MIDI settings page. If you have managed to receive a compatible MIDI command then the next step is to assign it to a function. For example 'Global - Play/Stop all'. This will play/stop all loops in your session. Once you have found the function you want go ahead and press the 'Set Binding' button. You will need to close the settings view before you can use the new binding.

    Hope this helps/makes sense. Just ask if you have any more questions.
  • Cheers for that i will give it a go.
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    Yes, thanks a lot for <a href=><font color=#2c3e50>this</font></a> reply! Very helpful
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