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    Dear Jack,

    Thanks for your quick answer.
    I have a beautiful GTL, i love, its an amazing toool.
    I have a New pedal AirTurnQuand ... I cant use with it!

    I would like to pay something to you ... so your work of doing that change, you where telling me ... brings me a lot of joy in my musical freedom ... and you get not only gratitude but also some monney. What do you think?
    Hugs Flurin

    Ps: yes, my AirTurn Quand has 6 modes;
    1) page up-down, l-r arrow, enter, b
    2) 3, p, ;, shift r, space, ctr z
    3) up-l-r-down arrow, enter, b
    4) F9,F4,F7, F8 and F3, ContrShiftT
    5) volume up-down, previous-next song, playpause, home
    6) space, 1, enter, 2, home, virtual keyboard

    Only the volume up-down, in mode 5) works in GTL

    March 29
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