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    January 7
  • More on what I like about GTL...

    • I really do like the Master group and A/B grouping abilities of GTL, this was a major draw for me. This is most natural for doing parts to songs IMO. Also, the midi binding and keyboard binding options are pretty complete and flexible, which is really nice.
    • I really like the "Step" option, which allows you to step through multiple commands with a single footswitch - nice !
    December 2019
  • Dec 27, 2019 Update to my profile:

    • For metronome using Soundbrenner app on an iPhone 5 synched via Ableton link to GTL on my iPhone XR. This does a few good things for me: (1) use Samsung Earbuds to wirelessly monitor metronome, with little or no latency, and (2) I can use both output channels on my audio interface for my mix, rather than dedicating an output channel for metronome (3) control of the metronome is at the top level on my iphone 5, don't need to go down a level into settings on GTL to adjust. (4) the visual of the metronome as it is playing is easier to see in Soundbrenner (as it is a dedicated app), compared to the visual of the GTL metronome on an iPhone.
    December 2019
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    December 2019
  • Key pieces to looping setup:
    * iPhoneXR with ios13.1.3 (as of Dec 11, 2019) with USB powered hub
    * Group the Loop (currently not using any other software in my looping setup)
    * Audio interface: Presonus Audiobox 96
    * Software controller pedal #1: X-Tempo pok BLE (the older one with the USB dongle)
    * Software controller pedal #2: Airturn BT200S-4

    What am I Looping:
    * Acoustic guitar - direct in from onboard pickup
    * Microphone for vocal and percussion

    What attracted me to GTL:
    * Previously using the looping capabilities in Ableton Live with a Windows Laptop
    * Got an iPhone, so looking to use iPhone rather than Laptop to reduce footprint
    * Was attracted to the A/B support - master groups and group switching
    * Looked similar to Mobius - which I had tried to use previously. Really like it but not actively supported.

    December 2019
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    December 2019
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    December 2019
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