I've been digging in on the beta (bought the current version in the app store but didn't look at it closely) and there are many really nice features in this app--the UX is really well thought out in many places. I have some questions:<br /><br />1. Is there a way to count-in and count-out mute/un-mute loops? The Cue works well across groups but it doesn't seem to work as an option within groups on individual loops.<br /><br />2. It looks to me like GTL is exposed in AUM as one main output. Is there any way to get the individual loops as separate outs for mixing?<br /><br />3. Is there a way to undo an overdub? I swipe to the left on the loop but it doesn't seem to work? It's probably user error...<br /><br />4. There's no way to set different tempos/time sigs for groups, right?<br /><br />Cheers.<br /><br /><br />


  • Hey lukesleepwalker, thanks for your comments!<br /><br />1. Afraid CUE mute in/out isn't an option yet. It's on the to do list but I don't think we will see it in this next update.<br /><br />2. Yes i've looked into expanding the IAA virtual outputs. I think it's possible but will need some thought. Loopy just has an output for each of it's 12 loops. If we did this for GTL then there could potentially be 84 outputs which will make it tricky for users to navigate through. Again it's on the todo list. :)<br /><br />3. Yes undo should work, just swipe left after overdubbing a loop. If it isn't working for you then please let me know and i'll look into it although I haven't run into this myself yet.<br /><br />4. Separate tempos/time sigs for groups. No afraid not yet, others have asked for this so i'll defiantly try to add it at some point.<br /><br />Hope this has helped!
  • Thanks for the fast reply. <br /><br />I think having cue for mute in/out option would be important for many users, so I hope it makes it in a future release.<br /><br />As for the multiple outs, I was thinking of just 4 outs. The four outs would be whatever is "active" in the selected group. I think 84 outputs would be way too complex!<br /><br />I've got the hang of the left slide for undo--it works very nicely, thanks.<br /><br />The set tempos/time sigs for groups would enhance your killer feature so I hope we see it at some point in the future.<br /><br />Thanks again.
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