Finally some new features of GTL snapshots!

Ok @Jack link them here. I did my part...



  • Haha, will do when I get a moment!
  • Give us some love @Jack ...
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    Sorry for the delay, been a busy couple of weeks. I've put together some screenshots of some of the new features of the forthcoming GTL update below. I've not provided much information so just ask if you'd like to know anymore.


    Duplicate session option.

    General settings page. New options to enable CUE for mute and overdub.

    Tap tempo, hold to reset.

    New effects picker accessed by tapping an effects slot on any loop or the audio input. Here you can load Audio units, IAA effects (Hopefully!) and the built in effects.

    Audio unit inserted on GTL input slot:

    Audio unit extensions container view:
    MIDI settings page.

    Active MIDI bindings page. Inspect all active MIDI bindings, the circle to the left of each binding will light up when the assigned MIDI command is triggered. Useful for testing setups.

    MIDI Binding config view. Assign a MIDI command, set the trigger type, add multiple functions to one binding, access advanced function options.

    MIDI bindings set manager. Store and recall your MIDI binding workflows here.
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    Amazing! Thanks forshare your great work with us!
  • Looks fantastic Jack, let me know when you're ready for beta tests.. I'm getting busier at work again now after Easter, but I am sure I will be able to find the time :smile:
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    Thanks @ricksteruk, @dubbylabby, will let you know when beta is out.
  • looks good.
  • Can the MIDI binding sets be named ?
  • @nonchai wrote:
    Can the MIDI binding sets be named ?
  • @Jack Did you implemented the "load next song" "load previous song" from bindings in this release? How is going the beta?
  • Yep have done that @dubbylabby, I want to get it out as soon as I can just haven't much time at the moment. I'll keep you updated!
  • Don't worry mate, just asking since it's "must have" to my live looping set (meanwhile I will keep myself with Launchpad and pre-recorded material) but I can wait :wink:

    All the features we can see at snapshots are huge enough to keep me busy until that feature come :V
  • These features looks fantastic! great stuff.
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    Yeah, really great! It became more useful and comfortable. And when you will add loading of next and previous songs it will be very comfortable <a href=""><font color=#2c3e50>to play and</font></a> create music with it
  • Jack wrote: »
    Yep have done that @dubbylabby, I want to get it out as soon as I can just haven't much time at the moment. I'll keep you updated!

    Wait a moment... you said "Yep" not "Yet" so is implemented?
    I hope you release it not so late to BM3 (which is going to have a lot of media noise this week and the next) :B
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    @dubbylabby, yes it will be in the next version. I will push the beta out soon but the official release won't be for awhile. Thanks for the heads up on BM3 though :)
  • Perfect! Put me in the beta please :smiley:
  • Hi, you have done the looper I was waiting for. Please count me in the beta. Thanks.
  • Any news on beta? Meanwhile in the audiobus forum...

    Pd: @Jack what's your nickname there? It would be useful to tag you when some topic like this arise...
  • Thanks for the link @dubbylabby, nickname is jmarshallgtl.

    I’m really keen to push this update out as soon as possible. The last couple of months have been really busy with sound tech work so I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting you guys a little. :( I’ve got some free time coming up though so that will be dedicated to finishing off this update.

    Really apreiciate the enthusiasm for GTL, couldn’t do it without the feedback and support from the forum!
  • Take your time dude... Anyways I was remebering the other day a tedtalk that I ussually show at my entrepreneur friends about how to fast prototype things. It’s quite famous so maybe you have seen it before...

    In essence kids and engineers are the best tower builders but the reasons behind each group are the interesting lesson for all of us :wink:
  • hi @Jack, I liked the concept of your app. if you still need beta tester, let me know
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    I found it @Jack. Worth a view :wink:

    Edit: I miss I found it the first comment :lol:
    I should go to sleep more often, my brain will love it for sure :bawling:
  • Thanks again @dubbylabby! I think I fall in the ‘Oh Oh’ category myself.

    @ronaldo, thanks for the offer! I will add you to the beta when I finally get round to releasing it :)
  • Jack wrote: »
    Thanks again @dubbylabby! I think I fall in the ‘Oh Oh’ category myself.

    It’s usual as you see. My experience in fast prototyping says “tinker like a child, build like an engineer”. :heart:

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