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Air Turn Quad - how to connect to GTL?

Hello Friends,
I need help. My AirTurn Quad is on and connected via Bloototh to my I pad.
In an other app like Note, it works, i can change Row and so on.
How i get it work into the GTL?
Need to activate something in there?
Thanks a lot,


  • Hi @Ff14,

    Unfortunately the air turn is not a midi controller so it won't work with GTL. I'm not an expert but I believe it sends out bluetooth keyboard commands. GTL supports key bindings but only as letters (e.g. Q, W, E, etc) and I think the air turn only sends out "page up", "page down" and "arrow key" commands so it won't work unfortunately.

    I do plan to add support for "non character" key commands but can't guarantee anything soon I'm afraid.

  • Hey dear Jack,

    Thanks for your answer. Sooo quick, amazing.
    A pitty, i buyd a new Ipad, and a the AirTurn, also for that purpose.

    So, i just hope you can do that soon for me and others. ... do you?
    I would be soo thanksfull, really. I m waiting long time, and I dream of beeing able to controle GTL with the 4 Pedals.

    Would you let me know by message like this, if you do it?

    I would appreciate, a lot

    hugs Flurin

  • Maybe a translator app (midiflow?) could do the conversion...

  • hey Duddylabby,
    Thanks for ideas, I have now a Midiflow,
    but ... i have no idea how to convert and to use it.
    Can you help me more on that? Thanks Flurin

  • edited March 2020

    I wasn't sure about midiflow that's why used maybe and ?

    I will dig a bit into it but maybe you should make a search 've done it and not truly clear so next time before pull the trigger...

    Since isn't clear if Midiflow can do it. Mailing the dev will be the best option to clear it out.

    There's an app called sidecar which seems doing this but not sure about airturn compatibility so doublecheck please before buy it.

    Hope it helps.

  • I have the AirTurn Duo and I believe they operate the same. There is an extra step to get into MIDI mode.

    From the manual:
    1. Turn on the AirTurn.
    2. Press and hold the MODE button. The red LED will flash once per second from 1 to 7 flashes. The number of flashes corresponds to the MODE
    number. Be sure to count the flashes.
    3. Release the MODE button following the number of flashes that reflects the desired MODE. The blue and red LED will flash together the number of times indicating which MODE has been set.
    Example: ​To set MODE 2, hold the MODE button for 2 flashes of the red LED, release, and both LEDs will flash 2 times to confirm the MODE 2 setting.
    Note: Once the MODE has been set, it will remain the same until it is changed following the above steps.

    Mode 7 is the MIDI mode.
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