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Fade IN and OUT

Hi Jack,
It's a wonderful app you made, both design and possibilities. I discovered it last week. But it would be nice to have to the possibility for fade IN and OUT. With for example four choices:

  • instrument,
  • group,
  • group + mastergroup
  • mastergroup



  • Hi Martin, glad to hear you're enjoying the app.

    You can fade in/out but only using MIDI bindings. Open the settings in GTL then navigate to MIDI -> MIDI Bindings and then tap the plus + button at the bottom of the view. Scroll down until you see the 'FADE' function under the LOOP header and tap to open the binding view. Trigger a button on your midi controller to assign it to the function. You can also set the fade length and target loop. You can do the latter with groups as well.

  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for your quick reaction. Your answer is clear, but for composing a song for me it would be very handy to have it as effect in your app. So you can make the whole composition with going extern to a MIDI controller. I’m really not in with that MIDI stuff, I don’t have it in IOS or external.

  • Addition
    I mostly want to create accompaniments for playing the saxophone or piano over it. Surely when I do a live performance it’s nice to have an easy way to create a fade out for every song when creating the song. The count-in ad the beginning is perfect with the cue-1234.

  • Thanks Martin, understood! I'd love to add this feature and I've added it to my enormous list of things to do haha. It could be a good addition to the next big version of GTL.

  • Thanx, succes with the job 😊

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