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Drummer not synced to previous sessions recordings any more?

I can’t put my finger on it, but some time in the last month maybe 2, all my gtl sessions are out of sync with drummer? Metronome and drummer are out of sync by 1/8 beat? The audio recordings (tracks) are synced with metronome and with external apps via Ableton Link
I have 2nd iPad running the same version gtl without issue. I can import and export sessions between them and always the problem remains on the problem iPad (2018 iPad Pro 11).
I have deleted and reinstalled = NG
iPad is on latest iOS 14.7.1
Copied all settings in gtl from known good iPad = NG
Turn off Ableton Link = NG
All other synced apps are working correctly, just the drummer offset…?


  • edited September 2021

    Hi @ZEDOS, very strange! I'm not sure either.

    Strange that it's fine on your other device. Are both devices the same version of iOS?

    Did you export the whole session file to the other device or just the loop files?

    Are new sessions out of sync or is it just old ones you load up?

    Are you plugged into any hardware / interfaces. What happens if you unplug and just use the iPad speakers?

    A video of the issue would be great if possible.

    Thanks for reporting

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