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Is it possible to do this with a midi foot controller?


I am using an Airturn BT200S6 bluetooth midi foot pedal.

I want to tap once to start recording, tap again to play, double tap to stop, hold to delete.

Is this possible?

Real Rob


  • Hi @RealRob,

    All is possible on 1 peddle other than stopping, you would need another pedal for this or simply tap the stop button on the iPad screen.

    The "Record/Overdub" midi function will give you Record -> Play -> Overdub all on one pedal. Just head to the MIDI Bindings settings and assign this function to your midi foot controller. You will also need to select a loop first, this can be done done via the midi command "Select Next Loop". Alternatively, if you only have 1 foot pedal, you can use the "Record and Select Next" MIDI function instead.

    For "hold to delete" set up a new MIDI binding with the "Delete" function under the "Loop" section. Assign this to the same MIDI foot controller as your Record/Overdub". Then set the "Trigger Type" to "Hold". Only MIDI controllers which send out a MIDI NOTE ON and OFF or CC command support HOLD Trigger Types. The option will be grayed out if it's not possible with the current assigned command.


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