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Group the Loop Pro Progress

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Hello everyone,

I've had some extra time lately to work on Group the Loop Pro, and I wanted to share a few screenshots with you to give you an idea of what's in the works. I've chosen a track-style layout, which I think adds to the overall experience, while also maintaining the classic group-switching style from the original Group the Loop. Take a look at the new mixer page – it lets you adjust track levels and add effects to your audio tracks. There's also an input tab that lets you to do the same for your audio inputs.

In addition, I've introduced an audio editor for loops, allowing you to fine-tune those all-important in/out points. What's particularly useful is that you can manipulate the audio both before and after the initial in/out points. So, if you happened to miss the starting beat, you can adjust the starting point back in time to before you pressed the record button.

As for the release date, I'm still working on a few things, including MIDI control and some other elements. My hope is to have the beta ready for you later this year. Stay tuned for updates!



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    Nice to see you still work on GTL pro. Can’t wait to test it. Will it still have also AUV3 Loopunit? Are midi AUV3 plugins and/or midi looping planned? BTW you should send newsletter to members to give some information 🙂
  • Great to hear from you @janosax and thanks for your support.

    Yes Loopunit is still planned, not sure how much of GTL functionality will be transferred yet. I wonder whether a loopunit instance should be the equivalent of one track in GTL pro. Then you can load up one instance per channel in AUM. I’d love to make group switching sync over the network so you can keep all instances of the plugin in sync. What do you think? AUV3 has limited memory so this may help to keep it light

    MIDI looping yes. I have written in the foundations for it but I might not include it in the first version as it’s likely to take me while to finish. MIDI AUV3 plugins will naturally follow.

    Nice idea re the newsletter. It’s quiet here these days so maybe it will drum up some interest.

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