Drummer: let us keep a small collection of loops to be selected as the "Drummer" instead of MIDI DRM

Its handy to have the drummer option to turn on/off to get an idea going. And its helpful to be able to put a loop into a MASTER loop slot. But it would also be cool just to be able to keep a collection of - say 10 favourite loops of ones' own and select one of those as the "Drummer" instead of the MIDI drummer.

Useful if one needs an alternate type of fee, ambient etc.... But doesnt want to go thru the hassle of importing a loop into the a master slot


  • Hey @nonchai, I can certainly see the benefit if this although i think it might be confusing to have loops that play outside of the group system.

    As you can achieve what you are after by using the master group maybe it would be better to have a simple audio manager where you can keep a list of your favourite loops and quickly load them into the master group. This would hopefully speed the process up for you a bit.
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    yes that might be enough.

    the main thing as always is to minimise steps involved ( each extra "click" kills inspiration a little more )
  • Hi guys i am making an electro misc.
    And want to ask where i can find some drum
    loops , can u advise me some webs.
    Last time i searche i 've found on lucid samples
    have any1 buy from them?
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