Best DAW with GTL

What is the best multitrack recording daw to use with GTL? I'm looking to use the patches in a daw to get good midi synths for use in GTL and also for one that GTL can communicate back to and record it's tracks as tracks in the DAW


  • I'm not sure on which DAW would suit your needs best but I think generally Auria is better for audio editing/processing where as Cubasis has integrated synths and instruments and you can sequence MIDI. It's been awhile since i've used either in depth though so maybe someone else will have a better understanding of them.

    There are a lot of really nice synth apps out there. I suspect it would be neater and easier to record these into GTL via Audiobus or directly via Inter-App Audio. Then once you have the foundation of your song you can either export or record it into your DAW. If you want to export individual loops then the DAW will need to support AudioShare, or at least 'Open In'.
  • Thanks for responding. I have a lot of questions and am trying to learn. Can I use the Cubasis instruments via a midi controller and have that show up in GTL? So let's say I want that or to apply reverb and effects to a live instrument in cubasis, then bus that to GTL to record- is that possible?
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    Yes you can do this with the Cubasis midi instruments and then use Audiobus to send the audio to GTL.

    I wouldn't recommend using Cubasis as an effects processor for live instruments though if your planning to send them on to GTL or any other app. You can try it but you might run into some latency issues. Again the best way to add effects is to use Audiobus as it does some clever latency compensation for live instruments. With Audiobus you can add any effect app to the audio input, before it gets to GTL.

    By the way in the next update of GTL, due soon, you won't need Audiobus to do this anymore. You will be able to add effects apps/audio units all from within GTL.

    Also you might want to check out the Audiobus forum if you haven't already.
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    Thanx for this solution. This <a href=><font color=#2c3e50>pearl dolphin</font></a> advice is amazing!
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