Ability to audition something on seperate "Monitor" outputs before committing to recording a loop

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all these planned audio routing options are cool - specially if there is a kind of feature for MONITOR output - say for the rhythm part ( like Quantiloop has )

Unless there's already a way to do this - I'd like to be able to not only audition the RHYTHM track via a seperate output ( say to headphones ) - but ALSO - monitor my input on a track i'm about to record onto - say to find the right place on the guitar neck or try out a few ideas on the fly becore comitting to a loop - all silently to headphones - and then somehow flip to the input going to the main track when ready to record. This needs to be done via footpedal.

Can this be done at the moment in the upcoming new version ?

This is all with view to being able to experiment and try out ideas - live - in an improv-performance situation - maybe with other "jammers" - where I only want to submit my idea to being recorded and looped - and heard by everyone else - when i;m ready to - and before then being able to audition what i'm trying out on phones while my other loops etc carry on being played...

I guess a little like what DJs do.


  • Yes it remember me the "cue" function in dj apps which lets user route into headphones the desired channel into preview before launch the next song into audience. Add it for each song part in GTL plus for the tic/rythm channel and input channel and voilâ!
    In the other hand meanwhile it's implemented AUM could help...
  • Nice ideas, i'll look into monitoring through a separate output and the possibility of sending the input stream to this bus as well.
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