Midi binding for Selected group Stop/start not working

It used to work. I have an iRig Blueboard with pedal D assigned as a tap to stop and start the selected group....but it has stopped doing that for some reason. The same pedal D is assigned as a hold to control Global All stop/start. But the pedal is NOT the problem. I have assigned different pedals to the operation of stop/starting the selected group and none of them can make it work. weird. I have turned on an off/rebooted etc...to no avail.
If I clear the binding, then re-set it, by tappingthe pedal D (or any other) the change is seen to be made and set, but then it just doesnt work. Any pearls gratefully received.


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    Hi @jazubon, one thing to check. Have you selected the group first? “play/stop selected group” will only work if you have “selected” the group with the “select next group” binding first. The selected group will have an orange border around it just like selected loops do. Unfortunately I don’t think you can use “select next group” alongside “select next loop” at the moment. (This will all change in the next update :)).

    If this is not the problem then it’s probably a bug. Do let me know and I’ll make sure it’s fixed.
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