New beta...

Wow, Jack! I just gave the new beta a quick test drive and it's really, really nice. I was able to get my MIDI foot controller to cue the groups and play them as I want to in a live situation. AU hosting for FX... Can't wait to put this through the paces later. But thank you!


  • quick question, @Jack. The only thing that isn't in this beta is the ability to set a tempo to a group. I can see that I now have the ability to set a MIDI binding to set a tempo, which is wicked cool. But, what if I want to use the next group/previous group bindings, basically to "save" buttons on the controller (it takes less buttons to cycle through groups than to assign a group to each button)?
  • I don’t think this is possible yet. Like you say, the only way is to use a separate button for each group, then select it and set a specific tempo with the same binding.

    The idea is to eventually add independent tempo and time signatures to groups. Then groups will recall their tempo when played.
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    First impression is quite good. I need to expend the right amount of time to test midi bindings, link and stretching.

    Love it.
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