recording without cue in audiobus

With CUE OFF standalone GTL always goes into record when you tap a matter how long or what time sig your'e in. This is great for me as I like to play live and just kick off with a loop without setting tempo etc. BUT in Audiobus (2 and 3) this way of recording is just not reliable....sometimes it goes into record and won't come out when you tap the loop a second time. Most frustrating. I need to feed into GTL with the output of an IAA synth, but I don't want to have to change the input on GTL to achieve this. Using Audiobus is fine...unless recording without cue. I have Link turned off. Could I use Studiomux to do this job maybe? I haven't succeeded yet.


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    With CUE off GTL is designed to act like a standard hardware loop pedal so you can tap in/out to define the length of your first loop. It shouldn’t be sticking when using Audiobus though, I’m going to try and fix this today.
  • Sorry this issue is being spread around ...but I just tried GTL in AUM and it sticks in the same way as it does in AB.
  • Yes it was an IAA thing. Should be fixed now :)
  • Hurrah! it works....thanks a million.
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    Yes, it works really great!
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