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Groups out of sync

I’ve had a session that I’ve been working on for a while adding a verse when I get an idea.
Recently the individual groups somehow got out of sync with the master group.
The tempo on the master group was correct but all the groups tempo and pitch were slower and lower.
I was able to get the pitch back to normal but the tempo remains off.
I tried reset on the tempo, Link enabled/disabled, reboot of my IPad. All the usual suspects.
If anyone has ideas I would surely appreciate them.


  • @Jack. Just realized that I should have posted this in the Help category. Not sure how to change that.
  • edited March 2018
    Hi Ben, sorry about this. What version of GTL are you using?

    If you could send me a quick video of what’s going on and your session folder for the song in question I’ll try and sort it out. You can use iTunes to drag out the folder of your session, zip it up then WeTransfer to send.

  • @Jack. I sent a video to your email address.
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