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Need a CLEAR ALL LOOPS button for current group + confusion re existing trashcan icon in group

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Currently if one clicks on the (...) button at the bottom of the currently active group one gets a set of icons which includes the trash can. I clicked on this thinking it would delete ( or clear down ) every recorded loop in the group but instead it deletes the group *itself*. I find that more often than not I need to just clear the contents of the loop and not the group itself. Particularly if I've renamed the group.

It would be good to have a CLEAR ALL LOOPS button somewhere - maybe to have that be the action of the above trash can - and instead place a DELETE GROUP button somewhere elsewhere - less accidentally clickable.


  • edited April 2018
    Good thinking, how about an extra option to clear the group on the alert view which pops up once the trash can is tapped? So the options would be, Cancel, Delete, Clear.
  • i need it ( like everything as you know ) to be one-click-away

    you know.... like er... the Moon On A Stick ( old 90s comedy series reference for the uninitiated :) )
  • The Lee and Herring Show perhaps?
  • Also noticed that in the latest beta you have reverted to the small vol/pan x/y pad. That's good as you get there with one swipe.... I had a thought that it might be more useful to swap the axis so vol is horizontal allowing easier adjustment of this most important parameter.
  • @jazubon, this is only when you swipe up or use midi to control the volume. If you go the long way by swiping down and tapping the icon then you should get the bigger view.

    I see your point to swap the volume axis as you would gain acuracy. Wouldn’t it be confusing if pan was vertical though?

  • jazubon wrote: »
    The Lee and Herring Show perhaps?

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