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Bluetooth settings requests: have dialog dismissed simply by "clicking" outside of the dialog.

I realise you mentioned that because of some problem you (Jack ) were unable to change the code so that the Bluetooth connections dialog gets dismissed simply by pressing somewhere outside of the dialog, but I just noticed that the Quantiloop BT connections dialog does allow one to do this so it is clearly possible.

being able to dismiss modal dialogue like the SETTINGS window etc - by simply pressing somewhere outside is a standard iOS ( and often OSX ) behaviour - and it makes using such apps much less of a hassle. Specially when compared with having to locate that tiny X "done" button and press it.
If you can spend a bit of time to do that it would be really appreciated - because for Bluetooth users anything that reduces the hassles is a good thing.

And on the same note - second request: Having to specifically tell GTL ( or iPad ) to connect to a bluetooth device EVERY time one launches - is a drag.

Is there any way that GTL can automatically connect to a bluetooth device if it has previously been paired with a specific BT device ? Apple Macs do this with keyboards and mouse.

Even if it required a single prompt - asking "Would you like to connect to your [IK BlueBoard... etc] ? " would be so handy.


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    I know this is a pain. I recently switched to using Apple's View Controller modal which unfortunately does not dismiss when the background is tapped. I used a custom implementation before which allowed me to do this. Unfortunately, after an IOS update it was no longer compatible and I had to use the Apple view controller modal as a work around. I'm sure there is some way to restore the background tap so I will look into it. Maybe a popover view rather than a window...

    I'm not sure if there is a way to automatically connect a bluetooth device, again I will have to research this. Good idea though.

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